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On November 23, Chongqing GAOJIN Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "GAOJIN biotechnology") of the national biological industry base of Chongqing high tech Zone announced that based on the non radioactive isotope boron-10, it had successfully developed the first BPA boron drug for malignant tumors such as melanoma, brain cancer and glioma, which was treated by BNCT, namely boron neutron capture therapy Up to 30 minutes can cure a variety of specific cancers.

BNCT is one of the most advanced cancer treatment methods in the world. It destroys cancer cells through atomic nuclear reaction in tumor cells. Its therapeutic principle is: first inject a non-toxic and harmless boron containing drug into the patient. After the drug enters the human body, it quickly targets and accumulates in specific cancer cells. At this time, a neutron ray with little damage to the human body is used for irradiation. After the neutron collides with boron entering the cancer cells, a strong "nuclear reaction" is generated, releasing a highly lethal heavy ion ray. The range of the ray is very short, which can only kill the cancer cells without damaging the surrounding tissues. This selective targeted radiotherapy technology that only kills cancer cells without damaging normal tissues is called boron neutron capture therapy.

At present, the BPA boron drug with GAOJIN biological code of "gjb01" has completed the pharmaceutical research of API and preparation, and completed the pilot scale preparation process verification. Later, it can be used in the R & D institutions of BNCT neutron therapy devices in China to carry out relevant research, experiment and clinical application. It is worth noting that the pilot production is a necessary link for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productive forces, and the success or failure of the industrialization of achievements mainly depends on the success or failure of the pilot production.

In March 2020, steboronine, the world's first BNCT device and the world's first boron drug, was approved for marketing in Japan for unresectable locally advanced or locally recurrent head and neck cancer. In addition, hundreds of clinical trials have been carried out in brain tumors, malignant melanoma, lung cancer, pleural mesothelioma, liver cancer, and breast cancer, and good cure data have been obtained.

Cai Shaohui, deputy general manager and project leader of GAOJIN biology, said that the overall index of "gjb01" is completely consistent with the steboronine drugs listed in Japan, and the cost performance is higher. It is expected to be used clinically in 2023 and is expected to become the first listed BNCT anti-cancer boron drug in China.

Cai Shaohui said, "the advanced nature of BNCT treatment is beyond doubt. The core is boron medicine. The goal of high Jin biology is to make China's BNCT treatment reach the leading level in the world. The cost of treatment can be effectively controlled at around 100 thousand yuan, so that patients with cancer can have medical treatment and have money to cure."

"BNCT therapy can be called the 'pearl on the crown' of cancer treatment because of its low cost, short course of treatment (30-60 minutes each time, the fastest treatment can be cured only once or twice), wide indications and low side effects." Wang Jian, CEO of GAOJIN biology, said that the most important key is the targeting and preparation process of boron drugs, It determines whether the therapy can better and accurately treat more types of cancer.

Post time: Nov-25-2021