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With the promotion of medical reform policy and the development of national centralized procurement, the pharmaceutical market has been further standardized. With the increasingly fierce competition, the Internet has brought new development opportunities to pharmaceutical enterprises.

The author thinks that the mode of "Internet plus" that is different from the Internet enterprises in developing the medical electricity supplier is different from that of traditional enterprises. The mode of developing Internet business by traditional pharmaceutical enterprises can be called "+ Internet", that is, to develop new business models on the line while consolidating the business of offline businesses. In this field, only by analyzing market opportunities, clarifying their own potential and building a new Internet business sales model can enterprises seize this rare development opportunity and avoid detours.

To seize the market opportunity, pharmaceutical enterprises should make good preparations for internal and external marketing. Firstly, we should analyze the external environmental opportunities of the enterprise and construct the corresponding enterprise resources. Since Jingdong pharmacy, Ali health and kangaido entered the pharmaceutical e-commerce sector, they have gradually become the leading enterprises in this field. Pharmaceutical enterprises can cooperate with these pharmaceutical e-commerce, establish their own flagship stores, make full use of their own variety resources, and gradually open up new e-commerce sales channels from online promotion activities to brand building.

Tiktok, Kwai, and so on, the most popular short video platforms, such as jitter, fast hand, etc., are far beyond the imagination of people. The online O2O and offline online integration mode has brought new business opportunities for drug companies to popularize their knowledge and brand. Compliant short videos and even online brand promotion and network optimization undoubtedly drive the product demand of the client.

To build the Internet business module, enterprises should first do their own top-level design, and can customize or purchase procurement apps suitable for customers, which can not only improve sales efficiency, but also better provide services to customers. For example, pharmaceutical enterprises with prescription drug team and doctor customer network can build a digital doctor service system with wechat as the carrier and a digital promotion system that can realize the functions of visit, market research and so on. Similar to this convenient and practical digital service system, it is not only efficient, but also interactive. It will gradually evolve into the mainstream promotion mode of the future pharmaceutical market, and realize the functions of medication consultation, follow-up reminder and rehabilitation experience sharing for patients. It can be predicted that building a digital service system of pharmaceutical enterprises, doctors and patients is not only the direction of the long-term development of pharmaceutical enterprises, but also the embodiment of the competitive strength of pharmaceutical enterprises.

In the "+ Internet" mode, the e-commerce Department of pharmaceutical enterprises is mainly responsible for all matters related to the Internet sales and management of enterprise products. It is usually an independent department, taking into account the two functions of product sales and brand promotion, that is, the function of the Internet sales group + promotion group: the Internet sales group is responsible for the sales of products in the Internet channel; The Internet promotion team is responsible for carrying out all activities of online promotion and brand building of products and brands, which is similar to offline traditional brand management.

The sales team of e-commerce department includes the expansion of product online sales, online channel price maintenance, in station optimization of cooperative e-commerce, and the development of online promotion activities. It is necessary to formulate the overall sales plan of e-commerce, screen and manage target customers, manage e-commerce salespeople, and provide customer services. The e-commerce brand promotion team is mainly responsible for the online promotion of product brands or enterprise brands, planning and implementing communication strategies, telling brand stories, carrying out brand activities, etc. (see Figure).

It should be noted that the prices of products online and offline should be unified, and it is best to distinguish the specifications to avoid mutual interference between online and offline markets. In addition, online promotions pay more attention to timeliness and have higher requirements for after-sales service. Therefore, performance definition and market division are different from traditional offline management. This requires enterprises to start from the business model, build their own Internet sales management model, take patients as the center, constantly improve the service quality, and explore a new sales model in the new development opportunities.

Post time: Nov-19-2021