Nature endows human beings with thousands of food, each with its own characteristics. Milk has incomparable and alternative nutrients than other foods, and is recognized as the most perfect natural nutritional food.

Milk is rich in calcium. If you drink 2 cups of milk a day, you can easily get 500-600 mg of calcium, which is equivalent to more than 60% of the daily needs of healthy adults. Moreover, milk is an excellent source of natural calcium (calcium food), which is easy to digest (digest food).

Milk contains high quality protein. The protein in milk contains all the essential amino acids (amino acid food) needed by the human body, which can be well used by the human body. Protein (protein food) can promote the growth and rehabilitation of body tissues; And enhance the ability to resist disease.

Milk is rich in vitamins (vitamin food) and minerals. Milk contains almost all the vitamins needed by the human body, especially vitamin A. it helps to protect vision and enhance immunity.

Fat in milk. The fat in milk is easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, especially to help children (children's food) and teenagers (children's food) meet the needs of rapid growth of the body. Middle aged and elderly people (elderly food) can choose low-fat milk or milk powder added with "Omega" good fat.

Carbohydrates in milk. It is mainly lactose. Some people will have abdominal distension and diarrhea after drinking milk, which is related to less milk and less enzymes digesting lactose in the body. Choosing yogurt, other dairy products, or eating with cereal foods can avoid or reduce this problem.

In addition to its nutritional value, milk has many other functions, such as calming the nerves, preventing the human body from absorbing the toxic metals lead and cadmium in food, and has a mild detoxification function.

In short, milk or dairy products are beneficial friends of mankind. The latest dietary guidelines of the Chinese nutrition society especially advocate that each person should eat milk and dairy products every day and adhere to 300 grams every day

Post time: Jul-30-2021