The function of sustained-release agent is to delay the process of drug release, absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion in vivo, so as to prolong the drug action time. General preparations are usually given once a day, and sustained-release preparations are only given once or twice a day, and the side effects are less than general preparations.

It is suggested that sustained-release drugs should not be taken apart because there is a controlled-release membrane outside the tablets, through which the drugs in the tablets are slowly released and maintain the effective blood concentration. If the drug is taken apart and the controlled-release film is destroyed, the stable release procedure of the tablet will be destroyed, which will lead to excessive drug release and fail to achieve the expected purpose.

Enteric coated tablet is a kind of coated tablet which is complete in stomach and disintegrated or dissolved in intestine. In other words, these drugs need to be kept in the intestine for a long time to prolong the effect. The purpose of enteric coated drugs is to resist the acid erosion of gastric juice, so that drugs can safely pass through the stomach to the intestines and play a therapeutic effect, such as enteric coated aspirin.

Remind to take this kind of medicine not to chew, should swallow the whole piece, so as not to damage the efficacy.

Compound refers to the mixture of two or more drugs, which can be traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine or a mixture of Chinese and Western medicine. The purpose is to improve the curative effect or reduce the adverse reactions. For example, fufangfulkeding oral liquid is a compound preparation composed of fufangkeding, triprolidine, pseudoephedrine and so on, which can not only relieve cough but also remove phlegm.

When taking this kind of medicine, we should pay attention not to use it repeatedly, because the compound preparation may relieve two or more discomfort symptoms at the same time. We should pay attention not to use it alone for a certain symptom.

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Post time: Jul-15-2021