It's time for men to empty their girlfriend's shopping cart with tears and women to cut their hands and buy. It's time for the annual "double 11" crazy shopping festival in China.

Many years ago, Ma Yun's father successfully built the double 11 into the most important annual Shopping Festival for Chinese people, which also gave everyone reason to go shopping crazy near the end of the year. So, there are "double 11" in China. What are the largest shopping promotion festivals abroad? Let's have a look

Black Friday in the United States

Friday after Thanksgiving is known as the peak of shopping promotion in the United States. The "black five" has been famous all these years. On that day, the traffic jam on the road will be red all the way, the door of the store will be crowded, and many customers will even fight because of rush buying......

The largest annual promotion in the United States usually starts about a month before Thanksgiving. At this time, all businesses rush to launch the largest discount. The price of goods is surprisingly low, which is the best shopping time of the year.

The Monday after Black Friday is called Cyber Monday, which is also the peak day of Thanksgiving promotion. Because it will be Christmas soon after, this discount season will last for two months. It is the craziest discount season. Big brands that don't dare to start at ordinary times can start at this time.

Boxing Day in the UK

Boxing Day originated in the UK. "Christmas box" in the UK refers to Christmas gifts, because everyone is busy wrapping and opening gifts on the day after Christmas, so this day becomes Boxing Day!

In the past, people carried out many traditional outdoor activities, such as hunting, horse racing, etc. in modern times, people think these "fancy" activities are very troublesome, so outdoor activities are condensed into one, that is - shopping! Boxing day has literally become shopping day!

On this day, many brand stores will have very large discounts. Many Britons get up early and line up. Many stores are crowded with people waiting to go shopping before they open. Some families will go out to buy clothes for the new year.

For foreign students, boxing day is not only a good time to buy big discount goods, but also a good opportunity to experience the crazy shopping of the British.

In the UK, as long as the label is still in the store, you can return it unconditionally within 28 days. Therefore, when boxing day rush purchases, you can buy it home first without worry. If it's not appropriate to go back and change it, it's OK.

Boxing Day in Canada / Australia

Boxing Day has these festivals in Australia, Britain, Canada and other countries. Like China's double 11, it is a day of national shopping. Many study abroad parties also rush to buy on this day.

On this day in Australia, all shopping malls will cut prices, including online discounts. Although Boxing Day is the day after Christmas, now Christmas university has more than December 26. Usually, there are crazy rush purchases one week or three days before Christmas, and some discount activities will continue until new year's day.

Boxingday is also the most influential Shopping Festival in Canada. On boxingday, not all stores will give great discounts on goods, such as general food and household daily necessities. The most discounts are mainly household appliances, clothing, shoes and hats and furniture, so the stores that operate these goods often have the most customers.

Christmas promotion in Japan

Traditionally, the night of December 24 is called "Christmas Eve". Christmas on December 25 is the day to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. It is the largest and most popular festival in western countries.

Over the years, with the rise of Japan's economy, western culture has been infiltrating, and a rich Christmas culture has gradually formed.

Japan's Christmas promotion is the same as China's double 11 and the Black Friday in the United States. Every December is the day when Japanese businesses are crazy about discounts and promotions!

In December, you can see all kinds of "cut" and "cut" in the street. The discount is up to the peak value of one year. All kinds of stores are competing for who has the greater discount.

It seems that these promotional festivals abroad are also very crazy. Children's shoes studying abroad, remember not to miss these amazing shopping festivals, which will be a great experience.

Post time: Nov-11-2021