For teenagers with myopia, how to improve vision is a big problem. Vision care is especially important at this time. The following points, practicing every day, can relax your eyes.

1. More eyes.

When you are studying or working, when your eyes feel tired, you may want to take a few more eyes and let your eyes move.

2. Apply a hot towel to the eye.

After a day of work or study, your eyes are already very tired. It is better to lie in bed and apply your eyes with a hot towel. Your eyes will feel very comfortable at this time. When you take off your towel, you will feel that everything in front of you is very clear and bright.

3. Do more sunbathing.

Let your eyes bathe in the warm sunshine and relieve eye fatigue.

4. Staring at somewhere, the light does not move.

Such as a scent of incense, cooking rice on the rice cooker. Do this for 20 minutes to train your eye’s ability to focus.

5. Do more eye exercises, massage the eyes of the eyes.

When I finished, my eyes slowly opened and I felt very comfortable.

6. Breathing method

After a long period of use, we should stop and take a break. Relax all over your body, then look straight ahead, while inhaling slowly, while your eyes are slowly widening; then slowly exhale and slowly close your eyes. Do it several times in a row, each time for half a minute.

Post time: Jul-26-2019