1. Pay attention to nourishing your heart

Sweating in summer is easy to hurt Yin and consume Yang. What does that mean? It refers to the "Yang Qi" and "Yin fluid" of the heart in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, which can promote the activities of the heart (such as exciting the mind and warming). If the heart Yang and heart Yin are insufficient, it will hurt the heart and be sad, so summer is the most tired season for the heart. The heart in the five internal organs of the human body corresponds to summer, so the summer should focus on protecting and nourishing the heart. People with a history of heart disease should be particularly vigilant.

According to Mao Yulong of Jinan Lihe Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the heart's favorite is red. It is advisable to eat more red food in summer. For example, red jujube, cherry, grapefruit, saffron, etc., some of which can nourish the heart, warm yang and help sleep.

2. Pay attention to dispelling dampness

Although the summer weather is very hot and the temperature is very high, it is still easy to accumulate moisture in people's bodies. This is because many people like to stay in cool air-conditioned rooms and especially like cold food such as ice cream and popsicles. These behaviors are easy to cause a large amount of cold and damp gas to accumulate in the body. If the body has sticky defecation, fatigue, dizziness and fatigue after waking up, these are the signals of excessive moisture in the body.

Mao Yulong, director of Jinan Lihe Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that removing dampness can eat some job's tears and miscellaneous beans. Job's tears can turn dampness and diuresis, make the body light, and reduce the risk of cancer. Many beans have the effect of strengthening the spleen and removing dampness, which can effectively alleviate the symptoms of dampness, depression and heat, and make people feel refreshed.

Post time: Aug-06-2021