Oxytocin injection

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  • : Oxytocin is a cyclic polypeptide with all the amino acids except glycine, being in the L-form. The Oxytocin is the principle hormone of the posterior lobe of the pituitary body.It may be prepared by a process of fractionation from the glands of oxen or other mammals or by synthesis. Oxytocin is (3-L-Isoleucine,S-L-Leucine)-Vasopressin.
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    • ·  MOQ(10IU/  1ml):300000amps
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    Each 1 ml ampoule of Oxytocin injection B.P. contains Oxytocin B.P. 10 I.U. Pack of 100 ampoules.
    Oxytocin injection is used for the induction & maintainance of labour, to control post partum haemorrhage & uterine hypotonicity in the 3rd stage of labour, & to promote lactation in cases of faulty milk ejection.It is also used in the missed abortions.


    Oxytocin should not be given to women with toxaemia,hypertonic uterine dysfunction, or a predisposition to uterine rupture as in patients of high parity or with uterine scar from previous caesarean section. It should not be given for induction before the head is engaged.Placenta praevia,major caphalopelvic disproportion,malposition of the foetus or obvious foetal distress are also contraindications.Care is neceessary in case of Oxytocin in patients being treated with pressor agents for hypotension as severe hypertension has been stated to occur. For the induction of labour Oxytocin should be infused slowly in dilute solution since bolus injection may cause sever hypotension with an increase in heart rate, stroke volume & cardiac output. The infusion volume should be low in patients with cardiovascular disorders. It is inadvisable to employ 2 routes of administration simutaneousely. Oestrogens intensify & progesterone may diminish the effect of oxytocin on the uterus.

    Adverse effects

    Excess Oxytocin may cause violent uterine contraction leading to uterine rupture, an extensive laceration of the soft tissues, foetalbradycardia & perhaps foetal or metamal death.Matemaldeath from severe hypertension & subarachnoid haemorrhage have occured. Postpartum haemorrhage & fatal hypifibrinogenaemia have been reported but may be due to bostetric complications. Water retention &intoxicatin with convulsions, coma & even death may follow. Oxytocin especially when given intravenously in large doses or over prolonged petiods,anaphylatic & other allergic reactions, pelvic haematomas,nausesa & vomiting may occur.

    Storage and Expired Time
    Store below 25℃.
    3 years
    10IU/ml  1ml


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