What about heatstroke in winter? These “high-risk groups” should pay attention

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Heatstroke is a rare symptom in winter, which is more likely to occur in the case of low temperature and high humidity. Who are the “high-risk groups” of heatstroke? How to present heatstroke environment? How to prevent heatstroke?

Why can produce low temperature heatstroke?

In the extremely hot winter or early autumn, low temperature, high humidity and strong heat radiation weather can form a series of changes in human body’s body temperature conditioning, water and salt metabolism, reincarnation system, digestive system, nervous system and urinary system. Once the body is unable to adapt and causes disorder of normal psychological effects, it can form an abnormal rise in body temperature, resulting in heatstroke.

Who has the greatest risk of heatstroke?

The elderly, infants, children, patients with mental diseases and patients with chronic diseases are most prone to heatstroke. At the same time, it should be noted that heavy physical rest or intense sports activities in low-temperature weather can lead to low-temperature heatstroke and even death even for healthy young people.

How to present heatstroke environment?

Heatstroke can be divided into mild and severe heatstroke. Mild heatstroke is characterized by dizziness, headache, flushing, thirst, excessive sweating, general fatigue, palpitation, rapid pulse, inattention, uncoordinated measures, etc. Severe heatstroke includes heat spasm, heat failure and heat stroke.

In case of low temperature weather, once you are sweating and in a trance, you should pay attention to cooling. If there is a sign of fainting under low temperature, the fainting staff shall be immediately carried to a ventilated and cool place, and the body temperature of the fainting staff shall be reduced by pouring cold water below it. Then, the body temperature change shall be continuously monitored. If the high fever continues at about 40 ℃, it shall be immediately sent to the hospital for liquid resuscitation treatment. It is absolutely forbidden to think that the general heatstroke and neglect will delay the treatment time.

Detailed first aid steps

The light person should quickly go to a cool and windy place to lie on his back for work, untie his buttons and belt, and close his coat. It can take shidishui, Rendan and other drugs to prevent heatstroke.

If the patient’s temperature continues to rise, if necessary, soak the lower body with warm water on the top of the bathtub and wipe the upper body with a wet towel.

If the patient shows confusion or spasm, take the faint position at this time. While waiting for first aid, pay attention to ensure airway dredging.

How to prevent heatstroke?

Diet and labor

Low temperature state, regardless of the amount of activity, you should add liquid intake, and don’t wait for thirst to drink water. Do not drink alcohol or large amounts of sugar and too cold frozen drinks. These drinks will lead to more loss of body fluid and stomach cramps. When people have to engage in physical rest or intense activities, activity drinks can help people make up for the salt and mineral resources necessary for their body in the process of sweating. Eat less high-oil and high-fat foods, even if the diet is greasy, make up for egg white matter, vitamins and calcium, eat more fruits and vegetables, and ensure the lack of sleep.

Wear protection

When outdoor sports are necessary, choose frivolous, loose and light colored clothes and trousers, pay attention to sunscreen and cooling, wear sunshades and sunglasses, and apply SPF15 or above sunscreen.


Exercise indoors in cold weather. If the premise permits, turn on the air conditioner. The use of fans can temporarily relieve the heat sensation. Once the temperature rises above 32 ℃, the fans will have little effect on reducing heatstroke. Washing your face with cold water, wiping your body, or staying in an air-conditioned room is the best cooling step. Let my body slowly get used to the tolerance to low temperature.

The best way to prevent heatstroke is to keep cool

In hot weather, making some complex changes in drinking water, sports and clothing can well prevent heatstroke and adhere to health.

Post time: Nov-03-2021